WW2 land, sea and air forces of the Allied Nations planning, training and operating together as a unified force on amphibious raids and landings against the enemy.

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Each year, hundreds of thousands visit our 200 web pages & 4000 photos. Published & hosted by Geoff Slee since 2000.
Saving our Com. Ops. Heritage for future generations. See veterans' personal recollections in 40 D Day Stories.

~ Combined Ops Memorial - How to Donate ~

Memorial Maintenance and Development Fund


How to Donate.

To donate by credit or debit card please click on the button opposite and follow the instructions. You don't need a Paypal account to use this method of payment.

To donate by personal/banker's cheque or postal order please write your cheque or postal order payable to the Combined Operations Memorial Fund, add your address to the reverse and send to Geoff Slee, COMF, 35 Auchingane, Edinburgh, EH10 7HU, UK. Non UK donations are very welcome in UK pounds. Contact your bank or financial institution for details.

Thank you very much for your support. [Map courtesy of Google Map Data 2017.]


Date Income



Description of Income and Expenditure

10/05/20 10.00   1710.00

From Philip Stallard, (Paypal ID ending 9863U. Receipt No 286824)

30/04/20 100.00   1700.00

From Ivian Smith, USA.  (Paypal ID ending 8273K. Receipt No 286823)

26/02/20 200.00   1600.00

Combined Operations Membership Subscriptions. (Receipt No 286822.)

05/11/19 30.00   1400.00

Combined Operations Membership Subscriptions. (Receipt No 286821.)

08/10/19 20.00   1370.00

From Gerry Wells on behalf of James Shankland. (Receipt No 286820.)

22/08/19 50.00   1350.00

From Ian Price (Receipt No 286819). In memory of  Wren, Gladys Irene Croft who served at HMS Quebec, Loch Fyne, Scotland during WW2 and in appreciation of local assistance which allowed family members to scatter her ashes in a poignant ceremony near HMS Quebec. An appropriate end to the life of a wonderful lady who proudly remembered her wartime service.

29/07/19 50.00   1300.00

From Antonia Filmer (By Cheque Receipt Number 286818).

12/06/19 50.00   1250.00

From Brenda Gordon (By cheque. Receipt No 286817).

06/06/19 150.00   1200.00

Combined Operations Membership Subscriptions. (Receipt No 286816.)

06/06/19 50.00   1050.00

From Pam & Mike Wright and Jenny Robinson & Family. (By Cheque. Receipt No 286815.)

29/03/19 61.39   1000.00

Combined Operations Membership Subscriptions. (Receipt No 286814.)

28/03/19 20.00   938.61

From Simon Forty (Paypal ID ending B0217911. Receipt No 286813).

05/01/19 20.00   918.61

From Gavin Stokes (Paypal ID ending K3204012. Receipt No 286812).

28/11/18 20.00   898.61

From Martin Lewis (Paypal ID ending 347942. Receipt No 286811).

25/11/18 50.00   878.61

From Scott Addington for minor assistance in the provision of information for his forthcoming book 'Invasion! D-Day & Operation Overlord in One Hundred Moments.' (Paypal ID ending 6743N. Receipt No 286810).

17/10/18 25.00   828.61

From Ronald Windebank whose father Henry M S Windebank served in Combined Operations mainly at HMS Quebec, Inveraray, Scotland. (Paypal ID ending T279451H, Receipt No 288909).

22/09/18 30.00   803.61

From David Beadle, Norway whose father, Major Ian NN Beadle, served with 45 Royal Marine Commando, E troop (D-Day, Normandy, Holland, Rhine, Germany, Baltic. Dakar). RIP 1981. (Receipt No 286808).

04/06/18 50.00   773.61

From Katherine MacKay in loving memory of her late Father, Hugh Nigel Patterson, who was a Combined Opís veteran. ( Paypal ID ending X099970C, Receipt No 286807).

13/04/18 25.00   723.61

Mrs J Speck in celebration of veteran Charles Bostrom's 100th birthday. (Combined receipt No 286806 for £95.00 for this and two entries below).

13/04/18 20.00   698.61

Mr R & Mrs M O'Donnell in celebration of veteran Charles Bostrom's 100th birthday.

13/04/18 50.00   678.61

Mrs E M Bostrom in celebration of veteran Charles Bostrom's 100th birthday.

29/01/18 100.00   628.61

Donation from Veteran J V Dalling. (Cheque No 100814 - Receipt No 286804).

01/11/17 50.00   528.61

Donation Mr D C Beadle, Norway. (Cheque No 000400 - Receipt No 286803).

24/10/17   151.39 478.61

Signs Now - Replacement Memorial Information Display

29/09/17 30.00   630.00

Mr R M Tarry, membership No 230. (Cheque No 103526 - Receipt No 286802 ).

20/07/17 57.55   600.00

Combined Operations Membership Subscriptions

20/07/17 80.00   542.45

Mrs E M Turner [Large Print of "A Normandy Beachhead"] (Cheque  No 001620).

17/06/17 50.00   462.45

Wade Kinnear (Paypal ID ending K0944750S)

03/04/17 50.00   412.45

Val Lancaster (Paypal ID ending MF478921X).

01/03/17 110.00   362.45

Providence Picture Frame Co [Artist's Proof Print of "A Normandy Beachhead".] (Paypal ID ending D377092F).

12/02/17 100.00   252.45

Combined Operations Membership Subscriptions.

12/02/17 25.00   152.45

Richard Hope (Paypal ID ending W169811P).

31/01/17     127.45

Balance carried forward from the Memorial Construction Fund.

All transactions, income and expenditure, will be accounted for in the above statement. Every donation will be accounted for by donors name unless advised otherwise. As before, two signatures are required to authorise expenditure.

The original Memorial Fund, for the construction of the memorial and hospitality for 200 guests at the dedication ceremony, was set up in 2006. The target of £21,128 was achieved, indeed exceeded on 31/01/17 with the surplus of £127.45 becoming the opening balance of this fund as detailed above. The cost of routine maintenance undertaken by the NMA, estimated to be around £400 per year, will be factored in when a formal agreement with them has been signed.

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The handbook was prepared for Combined Operations in the Far East. It illustrates the depth and complexity of the planning process necessary to ensure that the 3 services worked together as a unified force.

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