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Memorial donations of around £27,500 funded construction, dedication and routine ground maintenance in perpetuity.

  Donate here to a small contingency fund to repair and maintain the memorial structures as and when required.

Combined Operations Memorial.

Index of Memorial Web Pages

The Combined Operations Memorial dedication ceremony, July 2013.Everything you may want to know about the memorial is on this web page including historical information about the design, construction and dedication of the memorial, mostly in the form of photographs, together with information and advice on visiting the memorial and fundraising in support of its future maintenance. All donations and other financial contributions are accounted for on the 'How to Donate' page listed below.

Together, we are remembering them!

[A veteran makes a supreme effort to honour his fallen comrades by laying a wreath at the dedication ceremony.]

The Memorial Today

Visiting the Memorial. Get the most out of your visit by being aware of parking, facilities in the National Memorial Arboretum Visitors' Centre, help for elderly, disabled and infirm visitors and the location of the memorial. There is a charge for parking but entry to the Visitors' Centre and the Arboretum grounds is free, although voluntary donations are welcome.


Google map showing the location of the Combined Operations Memorial.How to Donate. The memorial construction, dedication ceremony and in perpetuity routine maintenance (grass cutting, weeding, grouting etc) have been fully funded from public donations of around £30,000. The Memorial Fund now becomes a contingency fund to cover future repairs to the memorial fabric such as the mosaic, information board and dedication plaque. It's been a great collective effort. Thank you!

Prints. "Combined Operations - A Normandy Beachhead." An evocative painting of a D-Day beach landing by military artist, David A Thorp, generously donated by him to the Combined Operations Memorial Fund. Prints of various sizes are available to order on line or by post, including limited edition prints.

Historical Information

Memorial Archive - Fundraising. See the fundraising wall donations and details of fund raising events. The memorial was entirely funded from public donations in the UK and overseas and from the proceeds of fund raising events - a magnificent example of a successful 'Combined Operation' that raised over £21,000 pounds.

Memorial Archive - Design & Construction. See the memorial when it was just a pile of stones in a quarry on the shores of Loch Fyne in Scotland. This was the area where Commandos trained in the rugged mountains and 250,000 Royal Navy and Army servicemen trained together in landing craft operations with air support from the RAF. See the memorial under construction and learn of the symbolism in its design and the materials used. Even the variety of trees used in the design is significant.

The Combined Operations Memorial information display board.Dedication Ceremony - A Photographic Record of the Day's Events. It was a heart warming experience to meet and greet WW2 veterans, their families and friends. They engaged in animated discussion with each other in the refreshment marquee before the ceremony as memories flooded back. However, there was a palpable change in the atmosphere as wreaths were laid in remembrance of their fallen comrades and some tears too, exposing the rawness of their memories after so many years.

Dedication Ceremony - General Barrons' Speech. An incisive précis of the history, organisation, development and achievements of Combined Operations and its surprising relevance to the very different challenges faced by today's Joint Forces Command.

In Perpetuity Maintenance Agreement. The routine maintenance of the memorial, such as grass cutting, weeding, grouting and 'thermatic' cleaning of the structures, will be undertaken by the National Memorial Arboretum in accordance with the agreement signed in February 2021. Repairs to the memorial structures will remain the responsibility of the Combined Operations Memorial Fund for which donations are very welcome.

Special Thanks. To everyone, who contributed to the memorial in donations, fundraising events, support and encouragement... A BIG THANK YOU.


News & Information

Photo of single poppy.About Us

Background to the website and memorial project and a look to the future; plus other small print stuff and website accounts etc. Click here for information.

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Featured Links; Combined Ops Heritage; 40 D Day Stories & Combined Operations Jigsaw Challenge


Photo of single poppy.Remember a Veteran

Pay a personal tribute to veterans who served in, or alongside, the Combined Operations Command in WW2 by adding their details and optional photo to our Roll of Honour or They Also Served pages on this website, which include the Combined Operations prayer.

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Visit our Facebook page about the Combined Operations Command in appreciation of our WW2 veterans. You are welcome to add information, photos and comment or reply to messages posted by others.

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Organisers: Reach the people who will be interested to know about your Combined Operations or war related event by adding it to our  webpage free of charge. Everyone else: Visit our webpage for information on events and places to visit. If you know of an event or place of interest, that is not listed, please let us know. To notify an event or place of interest, click here. To visit the webpage click here.

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Search for Books direct from our Books page. Don't have the name of a book in mind? Just type in a keyword to get a list of possibilities... and if you want to purchase you can do so on line through the Advanced Book Exchange (ABE).

Photo of single poppy.Combined Operations Handbook (Far East)

The handbook was prepared for Combined Operations in the Far East. It illustrates the depth and complexity of the planning process necessary to ensure that the 3 services worked together as a unified force.

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Visit Combined Operations Explained for an easy introduction to this complex subject.

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