WW2 land, sea and air forces of the Allied Nations planning, training and operating together as a unified force on amphibious raids and landings against the enemy.

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Members, through subscription or a significant contribution to website content, are listed here in alphabetical order with links to associated articles, where appropriate. Please let us know if you find any errors or omissions.

About Membership

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No Name


051 Aitchison, James (England).


251 Andersson Cassiel (Sweden).


126 Angelis Jill de (England).


272 Arch Colin (England).


238 Ash Richard (England).


138 Bailes Norman (England).


178 Baker, John (England).


191 Bale Jill (England).


048 Bartle, Noel J (England).


092 Bennett W S (England). Membership.
193 Best Peter (England). Membership.
087 Bingham Derek (Scotland). Membership.
162 Birch Peter (Australia) Membership.
085 Blair David (Scotland). Membership.
261 Bowman David (England). Membership.
199 Boyle Peter (Canada). Membership.
062 Bradford, Robert (Canada). Membership.
266 Bridgewater, John (England). Membership.
079 Broomfield, Raymond (Scotland). Membership.
003 Brouchoud, Sandra (Switzerland). Membership.
093 Brown Ian (Scotland). Membership.
247 Browne David (England). Membership.
265 Budd Stephen (England). Membership.
226 Bury Andrew (Canada). Membership.
059 Cameron, Angus (Scotland). Membership.
251 Cameron Roddy (Scotland) Membership.
198 Cannell Stanley (England) Membership.
065 Caplin, A J (England). Membership.
019 Carney, Terry (England). Design & Development of the Combined Operations Insignia.
213 Carrington Ian (England).


119 Carrington John (England).


052 Carter, David (England).

Role of Harbour Defence Motor Launch HDML 1301

088 Cavanagh David (England). Membership
167 Cavness John J (USA) Membership
152 Cawdron Christine (England). Membership and HM LCG 19
166 Chadwick Ian (Columbia) Membership
020 Chapman, Tony (England). (1) At Dawning - D-Day as seen from Landing Craft.
(2) WW2 Poems.
(3) Dozens of accounts of landing craft in his role as historian and archivist for the LST and Landing Craft Association.
143 Chedzey, Antony (England).


047 Cherry, Niall (England).


182 Cheshire, Jean (England).


021 Clark, Jean (Scotland). HMS COPRA, Largs, Scotland.
101 Claye Russell (England).


131 Cogswell Brenda (England) Membership
285 Collings Thomas (England) Membership
113 Connell Niall (Scotland). Membership
151 Cook, Anita (England).


044 Cook, Geoffrey (Wales).


073 Cottle Mary (England). Membership
278 Court Caroline (England). Membership
111 Crane Rob (England). Membership
169 Craven,  Michael (England). Membership
022 Cumming,  Michael (England). Operation Starkey.
218 Currie,  Paul (England). Membership
259 Dalling, James V (England) Membership
279 Dalton,  Anthony D (Scotland) Membership
242 Danne,  Alexander (Australia). Membership
239 Danne,  Peter (Australia). Membership
090 Davies,  Norman (England). Membership
210 Dold, Richard (France). Membership
061 Donnison,  Stephen (England). Membership
061 Donnison,  Stephen (England). Membership
056 Donovan, Brian (Ireland). Membership
135 Downing George HMS Glenearn
004 Evans, Lloyd (Canada). Memories of a Landing Craft Operator.
091 Faulkner, Peter (England).


045 Fitt, Robert (England).


124 Flagg Craig (England). Membership
195 Flower Jeremy P (England). Membership
077 Fox Lorraine (England). Membership
233 Freeth James (Australia) Membership
096 Frost Chris (UK). Special Forces - 574 Field Security Section
083 Gardner, Hugh (USA). Membership
023 Garrod, Denis (Canada). Life on a landing craft tank - the story of LCT 980.
221 Gooch Jim (USA). Membership
263 Gossage Colin (England). Membership
288 Green Theresa (England). Membership
129 Grimes Alan (England). Membership
240 Gurnsey Michael (New Zealand). Membership
024 Hall, Pete (UK). Geoffrey Nathaniel Pyke. 
231 Hamilton John (England) Membership
271 Hancock Trevor (England). Membership
185 Hanley George (Australia). Membership
010 Harding, Maurice (England). Membership
102 Harrison Gordon (Canada) Membership
235 Hart Matthew HMS Thruster
244 Hart Sydney C (England) Membership
137 Harvey Douglas (Scotland) Membership
255 Hattersley Alfred (England) Membership (WW2 Veteran)
254 Hattersley Paul (Australia) Membership
025 Hayes, Christopher M (England). The Royal Observer Corp on D-Day.
229 Hayes, Susan (England). Membership
267 Haynes, Brian (England).


225 Hedges, Barry (England).


280 Heluin Bruno  (France) Membership
232 Hensher Arthur G  (England) Membership
219 Hepburn Alison  (England) Membership
054 Herkalo, Brian J (USA).


160 Hewett Stuart (England) Membership
153 Hewitt Chris (England) Membership
204 Hine Chris Membership
026 Hite, Ron (England). HMLST 427 - Wartime Service in Photographs.
103 Holland Ian Landing Craft Flak (LCF)
156 Holmes Melvyn B (England) Membership
082 Hope Kenneth (Scotland). Membership
223 Hope Richard (Wales). Membership
196 Hoskins John (Scotland). Membership
269 Houbert Bernard (Scotland). Membership
216 Houston Robert (USA). Membership
027 Houterman, J N (Netherlands). (1) Deployment of forces on both sides of Operation Infatuate.
(2) Complete revamp of the content & presentation of the site's "Books" page and general advice on the historical record.
127 Howes K A S (England) Membership
241 Hughes Gordon (Canada) Membership
116 Hyslop James (England) Membership
076 Isaacs Cecil (Northern Ireland) Membership
192 Ivey Martin (England) Membership
069 Jacobs Alan R Membership
149 Jay John (England) Membership
017 Jepson, Jim & Pat (Scotland). (1) Inveraray in Wartime.
227 Jewell J (England) Membership
133 Johns Tony (England) Membership
072 Johnston Joanne (England) Membership
157 Jones Charles Alfred (England) Membership
132 Jones Christopher (England) Membership
095 Jones David John (Wales) Membership
005 Jones, Phillip C (Wales). (1) 516 Squadron, RAF Dundonald, Ayrshire.
(2) UK Combined Ops Training Establishments.
(3) Castle Toward Combined Training Centre.

HQ Ships
268 Jones, Timothy (Australia) Membership
177 Keene Tom (England) Membership
168 Kennedy Roy (England) Membership
170 Kennedy Terry (England) Membership
028 Kidder, Jill  (Canada). Training in Small Landing Craft Operations.
270 King David  (Sweden). Membership
136 King Ray  (England). Membership
287 Kinnear Wade  (Canada). Membership
029 Kipling, A H  (England). Royal Naval Commandos - a brief history.
220 Klothe, Kenneth (USA).


200 Knight, Victor (England).


089 Knutsen Olav (Norway)


211 Lancaster, Val (England). Membership
097 Lappin, Graham (UK). Black Hackle - the Story of No 11 (Scottish) Commando.
120 Large, Ronald (England) Membership
080 Law, Angus (Scotland). Membership
057 Law, David (Canada). Membership
007 Leahy, Stanley (England). Membership
253 Lee, Geoffrey (England). Membership
172 Le Maistre Seb (Channel Islands) Membership
150 Lister John (England) Membership
102 Long Hubert H (England). Insignia Specimens
114 Luffman Linda (Canada) Membership
173 Love Dianne (England) Membership
207 Lloyd David (England) Membership
171 Lyne Mark (England) Membership
030 MacColl Catriona A (Scotland). Mountbatten's Kilfinan Egg.
283 McCormick Michael (Scotland). Membership
018 McGrann William (England). Operation Brassard - The Invasion of Elba on the 17 June 1944.
031 McGurdy GW. Aspirant US Ranger to British Commando.
163 McHarg Ian (Scotland) Membership
112 Macey Andrew  (IRL). Membership
246 Machin Roderick (England) Membership
075 Maines Andy  (UK). Membership
142 Malet de Carteret EF  (UK). Membership
262 Mallon John  (Northern Island). Membership
264 Maloney Beverley  (England). Membership
066 Manuel Christopher  (UK). Membership
122 Marsling Steve (England) Small Scale Raiding Force (SSRF) - MTB 344 - Freddie Bourne.
032 Maxwell, Clay (UK). Small Scale Raiding Force (SSRF) - MTB 344 - Freddie Bourne.
071 Melboune Rose (England) Membership
174 Mercey Fred (France) Membership
109 Milham A Post WW2 Combined Ops Suez
104 Millar Robin LCT Squadron
197 Miller Cynthia (USA) Membership
188 Miller Paul (England) Membership
184 Millin John (England) Membership
145 Mills Jonathan (England) Membership
121 Moore Simon (England) Membership
212 Mordecai Frank (England) Membership
105 More Henry (USA) Litani Raid
043 Morisson Andrew (Australia). Membership
275 Morris Brian (England). Membership
284 Morris Iain (Scotland). Membership
281 Morter Paul (England) Membership
243 Moss David (England) Membership
181 Murray Ian (England) Membership
063 Mustill Jacqueline (Canada). Membership
209 Neave George (England) Membership
099 Nelson Roy D Day Flotilla 814 HMLCV(P)
141 Newell Bill (Canada) W Commando + other contributions.
067 Ng, Eddie (Scotland). Memberships
106 Noel Phillip (England) Navigational Aids fro Beach Landings
164 Norton Tony Membership
016 Nugent, James (UK). Membership
140 O'Connell James (USA)


215 O'Marah,  Kevin (Wales).


046 Orton, Alan H (England).


154 Osborn R (England).


144 Patterson Christopher (Scotland) Membership
117 Patterson Duncan (England) Membership
033 Paul, James (England). (1) Bruneval - Operation Biting. (2) Walcheren - Operation Infatuate. (3) St. Nazaire - Operation Chariot. (4) No. 4 Commando. (5) Operation Torch.
214 Payne Malcolm (Ireland) Membership
086 Pendleton Neil (England). Membership
282 Gaymer-Perry Janet (England) Membership
125 Petty Arthur H (Canada) Membership (RIP 3rd Nov 2011 in his 86th year. http://combinedops.laughton.tel/).
123 Pierce (Ted) Edward Contribution to the HQ Ships page on the subject of HMS Bulolo - the first HQ Ship.
248 Pinney Patrick (France) Membership
002 Pitt, George H (Canada). (1) Dieppe - Operation Jubilee. (2) D-Day Landings - Operation Overlord. (3) Pykrete - Ice Ships in the Rockies.
078 Prest Andrew (England) Membership
070 Professional Web Agency Membership
034 Prosser, Austin (UK). My World War or My Home was a Landing Craft.
009 Quinton, Professor Arthur R (USA). Contribution to FDT page  (FDT 13 including photographs).
013 Quinton, Keith  (USA). Membership
064 Randall Lynda (England) Membership
186 Read Clayton (England) Membership
155 Richards John Membership
176 Richings Madeleine (Australia) Membership
130 Richmond Doug Membership
107 Riley Geoff C Operation Ironclad, Madagascar.
274 Robertson, John. (Scotland) Membership
035 Robertson, Steve. HMS Royal Ulsterman.
203 Robinson Stephen (Scotland)


074 Rogers B (England).


110 Rooney Chris

Small Scale Raiding Force

053 Routledge James B.

HMLCT 318 - personal reminiscences of a crew member.

202 Rudkin Ian (England)


115 Ruttle Plant Ltd (England)


205 Salisbury Neil (England) Membership
036 Salmon, Alan (Canada). (1) Two Great Soldiers - Wolfe & Montcalm.
(2) Coastal Command's Operations off Normandy.
206 Salmon Clarence A (England) Membership
189 Sandquest David (Australia) Membership
037 Saunders, George H. HMS Royal Ulsterman.
012 Scally, Peter (Scotland). Membership
159 Schulze Lauren (England) Membership
228 Seeger John (USA) Membership
273 Sharp-Paul Alastair (Australia) Membership
038 Shears, Douglas (New Zealand). 516 Combined Operations Squadron - Memories of a Pilot.
100 Shipston Bryan

9th LCT Flotilla (The Lost Flotilla)

050 Simeon Bateman & Co Ltd

Honorary Membership for memorial fund raising.

187 Singleton John (Canada) Membership
001 Slee, Geoff (Scotland). All un-attributed pages.
208 Smart Barrie (England) Membership
128 Smith, Annie (Scotland) Membership
286 Smith, Ivian (USA). Membership
134 Smith, Michael (Scotland). Membership
039 Smith, William J (Canada). Walcheren - The Calgary Highlanders.
040 Spence, Archie (New Zealand). LST HMS Misoa - from North Africa to Normandy.
146 Spring Phil (England) Membership
257 Staples Dennis (England) Membership
175 Stapleton Marcus (USA) Membership
015 Stephane, Charlotte (Belguim). Membership
068 Stephens Steven L (England) Membership
008 Stewart, Nigel (France). Membership & Operation Aquatint
049 Stimpson, Richard (England)

Honorary Membership for memorial fund raising.

148 Stout J Patrick (USA)


201 Summerfield Stephen (England)


224 Sutherland Myles (England)


230 Tarry, Roger (England) Membership
289 Taylor, Dave (England) Membership
108 Taylor, Mike New Landing Craft - Handover to Navy
041 Taylor, W Brian (England). PLUTO - secret supply of flexible pipe manufacturing machines.
014 Terrett, Raymond (England). Membership
256 Thomas Johnathan  (England). Membership
183 Thomas Phillip (England). Membership
139 Thompson Gerald (England). Membership
258 Todd John (Northern Ireland). Membership
161 Tooes Allen (England). Membership
190 Toogood Frank (England). Membership
081 Tudor Geoffrey (England). Membership
222 Tullock D A (Scotland). Membership
234 Tyrrell Elaine (Canada). Membership
094 Urch Victor W C (England) Membership    
249 Usher Howard (England) Membership    
060 Vaughan Robert (Wales) Membership
180 Wake Laurence (England) Membership
260 Walker Alan (England) Membership
084 Wallis David (England) Membership
165 Walsh Sean (England) Membership
058 Ward, Professor Roberta J (England) Membership
179 Waugh Lee (England) Membership
217 Weedy Graham (England) Membership
147 Wells Gerald (USA) Membership
194 Wells Phin (England) Membership
250 Werner Niwaldo Junior (Brazil)) Membership
276 West Bruce (England) Membership
236 Whitehead Valerie (England) Membership
098 Whitting H R " Lofty" 524 LCA Fotilla
158 Wiles Charles M (England). Membership
042 Wigard, Jan H (Holland). Wartime memories of a Small Boy in occupied Holland.
245 Wilkinson David (England) Membership
277 Wood David (England). Membership
006 Work, Karl (Canada). (1) Story of Royal Canadian Air Force Insignia.
(2) Diary of events on FDT 217.
011 Wright Pamela (England). Membership
118 Wyatt Thomas Albert (England). Membership
237 Young David  (England). Membership

News & Information


Memorial Maintenance

We have a small band of volunteers who take turns to visit the memorial each month, particularly during the growing season, to undertake routine maintenance such as weeding keeping the stones and slabs clear of bird dropping, lichen etc. and reporting on any issues. If you live near the National Memorial Arboretum and would like to find out more, please contact us.

Remember a Veteran

You can pay a personal tribute to veterans who served in, or alongside, the Combined Operations Command in WW2 by adding their details and optional photo to our Roll of Honour and They Also Served pages on this website.

Read the Combined Operations prayer.

Events and Places to Visit

To organisers: Reach the people who will be interested to know about your Combined Operations or war related event by adding it to our  webpage free of charge.

To everyone else: Visit our webpage for information on events and places to visit. If you know of an event or place of interest, that is not listed, please let us know.

To notify an event or place of interest, click here.

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Why not join the thousands who visit our Facebook page about the Combined Operations Command in appreciation of our WW2 veterans.

See the 'slide shows' of the dedication ceremony and the construction of the memorial plus the 'On this day in 194?' feature where major Combined Ops events are highlighted on their anniversary dates with links to additional information.

You are welcome to add information, photos and comment or reply to messages posted by others.

Find Books of Interest 

Search for Books direct from our Books page. Don't have the name of a book in mind? Just type in a keyword to get a list of possibilities... and if you want to purchase you can do so on line through the Advanced Book Exchange (ABE). 5% commission goes into the memorial fund.

WW2 Combined Operations Handbook

This handbook was prepared for Combined Operations in the Far East. It illustrates the depth and complexity of the planning process necessary to ensure that the 3 services worked together as a unified force.

Restoration of Geoffrey Appleyard's  Memorial 

Click on the image if you'd like to contribute to the improvement of the memorial to Geoffrey Appleyard, DSO, MC and Bar, through the purchase of a limited edition print of a book about him. Geoffrey achieved so much in service with No 7 Commando, No 62 Commando, the Small Scale Raiding Force and the Second SAS Regiment. He was posted Missing in Action in July 1943, aged 26.


The Gazelle Helicopter Squadron Display Team

The Gazelle Squadron is a unique team of ex-British Military Gazelle helicopters in their original military colours and with their original military registrations. The core team includes four Gazelles, one from each service; The Royal Navy, The Royal Marines, The Army Air Corps and The Royal Air Force. A fifth Gazelle in Royal Marines colours will provide intimate support for the team. Their crest includes the Combined Operations badge. The last, and possibly, only time the badge was seen on an aircraft was in the early mid 40s. A photo of the Hurricane concerned is included in the 516 Squadron webpage.

Legasee Film Archive

As part of an exciting social history project, the film company Legasee is looking for veterans from any conflict who would like to have their stories filmed for posterity. Films are now available on line. www.legasee.org.uk

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